Wind van zee

“We do have something in common”

Art project by Hans Laban

A project about the awareness, that we, as human beings, not differ too much from
each other and that our dreams and needs are basically the same. We all want to be
safe, satisfied and happy and we want to stay close with our family and friends, although
so often the opposite happens.

I collected photographs of families, or groups of friends, from various countries in the world,
provided by friends and colleagues.
The family portraits show their life and personal message and have their own history.

With the portraits I started to make photo-polymer etchings and laser engravings, and printed
them over each other in varying degrees ink. In this way there will always be one person
(or more) in the front of the picture acting as ‘speaker’. Other attendees in the picture will
have the function of listener. As a whole, the group stays together, but in every print
there are others who can ‘speak’ and who may also attract the attention and tell their own
story. The background remains patient, understanding and supportive. Different images will
occur this way.

I made several of these ‘group discussions’ in which I want to draw attention to
peace and natural affinity between people. For this project I connected digital media with
traditional graphic techniques.


Making of:


The artwork:

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